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About Portico

Portico is an open source, cross-platform, fully supported HLA RTI implementation. Designed with modularity and flexibility in mind, Portico is a production-grade RTI for the Simulation and Training Community.


Linux 64-bit
May 6th

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The Portico Team

It takes a certain kind of person to be a Portico developer. Typically it takes a damaged person. These thugs just so happen to be damanged enough to have a go.

Tim Pokorny

CTO - Calytrix Technologies
Tim is the lead developer for Portico and one of its creators. He is the CTO at Calytrix Technologies managing the development of all their products.
When he's not busy enjoying the Perth sunhine or indulging in a Margarita he can be found laying somewhere quiet, thinking about these things.

Michael Fraser

Senior Software Engineer - Calytrix Technologies
Michael is one of the Portico co-creators. He is a Senior Software Engineer at Calytrix Technologies leading the development of their CNR radio simulation product.
Clearly personified by an unnatrual lust for Louisiana Blackened steak and shed building, Michael aspires to communicate in nothing but Internet meme.



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